Thursday, January 22, 2009

Six Day Work Weeks are Hard on Getting Pics Done!

I was recently gifted the very cool LRT Tip Off mount for use with my Po Boy, and as I posted earlier, a KAC flash hider for Schwaggie. My MnP recently got a 10-8 rear sight installed, and the only pic I have of that is the promo photo from 10-8. I really wanna get some photos done, but having to work six days a week these days means that's tough to do. Its also why I blog so sporadically. Add to that "Burn Notice" being back on the air with new episodes, and the influx of knuckle heads doing stuff to get themselves banned from the forum, and blogging becomes a casualty of a lack of time! I'll do what I can to get it taken care of soon. I hope.

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