Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ted Says I'll Be a Cannibal in 10 years...or 30...or 40...

Since this is a couple days old now, I'm sure you've heard Ted Turner's comments on the Charlie Rose Show. I dunno who Charlie Rose is, but I can say this with some certainty: Ted is what they call in the psychological arena (this is a technical term) "totally nutty". Now, after enjoying Teddy's absolutely foundless mental noodlings, be sure to check out the comments left there. I couldn't read them all; I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. The ones that I did read were from a group with another highly technical name: Moonbatty, Tree Huggin', Patchouli Stinkin', Granola Munchin' Lefty Nutjobs.

The best part is Teddy's prediction of a "failed state like...Somalia".'s the thing, then. I'm ready for that. Teddy and his ilk, being anti-self defense and anti-gun, will not be. So, while I bring up my own militia, it will be The Moonbats that will be left out in the to speak. Of course, I'll make room for 'em, but unlike the State they envision, they'll be workin' fo da Man...Me and my similarly-armed bros. Lookin' forward to it!

Its interesting to me to see how a Lefty views America. They instantly go to the "failed State" card, equating us with the crazies in tribal warfare-ridden Africa. They totally miss what makes America so great: Americans. People will find a way. Americans are ingenious folk; we'll band together, help eachother, and stand the hell up. Those that don't...will be dealt with accordingly. Remember, when the founders got here there was no central government. As a matter of fact, those brilliant pioneers were against having one. Looking at where we are now, I'm convinced they were spot on right. Man, I wish we had stuck with that.

The thing is, those who are prepared will survive, and those that aren't will not. The left has been depending on the gummint for everything for so long now I'm sure they're gonna suffer greatly before figuring out a Brave New World. Sucks to be you, dudes.

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DirtCrashr said...

Ted is bug-nuts certifiable, but the crazies with big-money usually stay out of the Hatch and instead inflict their dribbling goober-juice on the rest of us who remain normal.
The only good thing is that his armed guards will want to be paid and he'll run out of chocolate pennies and wind up like Muf*in-gabe...