Saturday, April 26, 2008

Po Boy Range Report...ish

Went to the range with Top and JAG today, mostly doing pistol drills. Man, my gun handling skills with the G-Lock 19 are not very good. There's entirely too much time passing before going back to the range again. 

I got about 80 rounds into my 100 round Value Pack before I got dialed in a little bit. In the end, I ended up thinking "Man, maybe I really do need the M&P..." It was worthwhile, but I really need to shoot more often.

I shot a mag through Schwaggie to check out the Po Boy Special, and found out a couple of things. First, the Po Boy is definitely worth it if you want to magnify an optical sight, but ya gotta get the tip off mount. Second, an M68/Comp M2 has a very large dot at fiddy yard. I dialed the intensity down as much as I could, but the dot still subtended the entirety of the "X" and "10" rings of the bullseye type target I was using. My windage was not squared away, but since we were getting ready to leave, I gave holding off a try. Basically, since the dot of my sight and the center of my target were about the same diameter, I just held 'em side by side, and dropped four of the six into the "X". Since there were a couple of other guys shooting, I just shot about half a mag and left them to their more- serious-than-mine blasting.

Bottom line: its impossible to beat the Po Boy if you wanna run a magnifier. I like the Aimpoint somewhat better because of its larger objective lens, but its a lot more money. If you can afford the Aimpoint, by all means, grab one. If its a little out of the price range right now, the Po Boy is the way to go.


DirtCrashr said...

I noticed the Aimpoint magnifier was a cool half-a-grand and instantly fell in love with the Hensoldt...

Haji said...

I will be the first (well, maybe not the first, but the first on my blog) to admit that the Aimpoint has some serious advantages, but the bang-fer-de-buck for the PBS is impossible to beat.

DirtCrashr said...

I'm guessing the issue with dot magnification wouldn't go away, and neither-whether the windage was spot-on - those issues belong to the sight.
Without a horizontal witness mark I had trouble making my Aimpoint exactly square in the mounts and responsive to clicks - a click on one side drove it down from the X instead of towards it, and a click on the other knob didn't exactly compensate quite right either.
No way to "shoot the square" with it, not without spending another several boxes of ammo and time tweaking it to perfection.

Haji said...

I ended up buying this rig from my bro for the bargain basement price of $40, because he got the mount given to him by somebody else. I don't use it all the time, but for that price, I don't really care if I do or not. Nice option to have!