Saturday, October 03, 2009

Killer grub the bachelor way!

Man, dinner was GOOD tonight! And, it was simple to boot. I generally don't use a stove; I do the grill and microwave instead, because...I dunno. I guess if I don't use the stove, there's less stove to clean. We'll go with that.

I found a new product at the market yesterday: Dole has a bag of red skin new potatoes (I just call 'em newpas for short) that can be microwaved and steams right in the bag. I wanna shake the hand of the guy that came up with that idea. Takes about nine minutes to nuke 'em.

Newpas are best when they're salty and buttery, but I wanted a little bit more. So, while I nuked the newpas, I rough chopped some dill and rosemary. Then, I tossed that in a bowl, dumped some butter in it, and added some chopped garlic. That went into the micro to melt together, and I sea-salted and fresh ground peppered the potatoes, which I quartered. I put them in a big bowl, and then poured the mixed herby-butter conglomeration over 'em. I tossed em, and went to turn the chicken over on the grill.

The chicken I got from Wal Mart in the frozen stuff aisle. Its a boneless chicken breast stuffed with cheese and bacon. It's supposed to be baked, but I find that it cooks pretty darn fast on the grill, so that's how I do 'em. Get the grill hot, then turn it down to med-low. Then it's just a matter of not burning it to a crisp.

Add to this a VERY big glass of Arizona Sweet Tea, and...WAH LAH! (yes, I know)Easy, instant-ish mackin' bachelor food! I'm gonna bust out a piece of chocolate creme pie later, after COPS (AKA Boys on the Hood, or The Guy With No Shirt Goes To Jail).


Fire said...

OH, now THAT looks good. I love red potatoes. Please tell me you used REAL butter. Add some chopped bacon, green onion, and some shredded cheese to those potatoes.....I gotta go, this could get orgasmic.

The doctors just told me two weeks ago that I am now diabetic and I also have to battle low sugar, as well. My sugar will go high and then drop to severe levels....double trouble. We all saw this coming. Dad is diabetic and has had two toes removed from complications with the disease, and I have had low sugar for 17 years. I knew this was coming, but didn't think it would come at 32 years of age. Oh, well.

Onward and upward.

DirtCrashr said...

Fire - fight it with diet and exercise. I had Type-II Onset and killed it by cutting back on stuff and getting out more...

Dawn Renee said...

Good for you! It's not too hard to eat like a king. Not as difficult as they make it seem.