Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interesting comment on Iran and the American military

One of my Facebook Homies posted a link to a short article about what's going on in Afghanistan of late, which was mostly a photographic essay. Typically, comments on such an article such as this are not worth reading, because the staggering ignorance does nothing but raise one's blood pressure. However, amongst the stupid comments and the attempts to set the stupid comments straight, there was one posted by Mohammad, which said,
"I wish that U.S.A send some of their troops in my country ( Iran ) too,beacase i think that we really need them too.same as Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran need those army too,Anshalh we going to have them im Iran too.God bless us."

Could it be that what we've been told about how the world hates America in the media isn't entirely accurate? I know this is one comment, from one single allegedly Iranian person, but it is interesting, and it does make one think, at least just a little bit.


trajectory said...

I have a feeling the 'hatred' towards the US is only by some of the media types and freedom squashing governments.

I wouldn't be surprised if Iran has a bit of an immigration problem in the near future from Israel. At least by some hardware coming from Israel.

CTone said...

I don't think the Iranian people have any beef with us, it's just their crazy-assed leadership that's a problem.

I had a drink one time with an Iranian in Europe, and he said that his country hates their gov't, and wished for more US support.

Haji said...

Few of the world's people truly hate us. Its always the leadership. Most of the time, though, those people only get to know what they're told, and their leadership locks them down. It breaks my heart to know they're being oppressed because some jackass is greedy for money, power or both.