Friday, February 20, 2009

New grips is Tru Grips

I finally got the sandpaper grips for my Glock 19. These are the same grips that my buddy Matt has on his guns, and I really dig how they feel and how sticky they are. And, these grips really fit TIGHT. The other grips I had were stick on panels. These are a wee little bit more involved to install, but its still an easy process. Unlike a lot of guy stuff, though, reading-and following- the directions is pretty much required!

These are by TruGrip. Near as I can tell, TruGrip is a small company owned by a guy named Eric Wesselman. I think this is a part time concern, but regardless of how big or small his company is, this is a great product. With the current dominance of the Tactical Tupperware in competition, grips like these are one of the few modifications that can be made to one of the Plastic Fantastics to make them better. He makes them for Glocks, MnP's, and even that nasty Springfield XD that everybody asks for but nobody can explain why they want. I can't essplain it, and apparently neither can anybody else. lol!

At any rate, here's the pics! If you have a polymer fightin' gun, give these a try. You'll like 'em.

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