Sunday, February 22, 2009

I hate YouTube.

I was checking out Dave Sevigny's record setting FAST drill video over at First, I gotta say: "Wow." Dave is one heck of a great shot. Second, looking around YouTube has gotten to be no fun at all.

There's a bunch of great vids, showing all kinds of interesting stuff, especially shooting. Jessie Abbate just impresses the heck out of me with her skills, and there are some good learning clips to be seen there, too. Good, useful stuff.

Its just...YouTube has got to shut down the dumb ass comments. I can't stand 'em anymore. There are way, way too many people that have no idea what they're talking about, talking...and talking...and talking. With the amount of garbage pecked out on a keyboard over there, Chap Stick could make a killing on Crack Chap, for all the out-the-ass comments there. There needs to be some kind of check system to prove that the jackass that is posting of what he has no knowledge of, and that he gets smoked for it. Its just out of control.

C'mon, Barack Hussein Obama. Fix this. You're all set to mandate a playoff system for College Football and to pay for mortgages that need to fail. The least you can do is to take a moment and fix this. It makes as much sense to get involved with this as it does for most of the crap you and your cronies in Congress are perpetrating, and at least this won't hurt me...unlike your Stimulus plan.

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