Saturday, August 09, 2008

I needed another reason to be hated

I stopped by a surplus store on the way back to work from lunch at the New Korea Buffet (mackin'!) that usually has some interesting stuff. I came across one of the best scores I've gotten in a while. Amidst all the stuff I didn't want, was something I did: a pair of Peltor Comtac I's.

They're used, but appear to be quite well taken care of, and are in better shape than the pair I already own. "WHAT!" I hear you exclaim. Yeah, you're loud enough to be heard over the Intardweb. Keep it down or the neighbors are gonna call the cops. But, since you're incredulous, you go on to exclaim "You already have one! What do you need another pair for?" Well, the reason for that is simple. They don't make the Comtac I's anymore. They've been replaced with the Comtac II's, which are, in many respects, a superior headset, especially if you wear them under a helmet. Ask Matt or The Big Johnson how good I look in a helmet. They gonna testify! LOL!

Where they fall down, and fall down badly in comparison, is in the way the battery doors attach. On the C-I's, the cover for the batteries is a screw-down lid. on the C-II's, its a friction fit "plug", which has been said to come loose at inopportune times.

Of course, being the low speed nobody that I am, that's never happened to me. However, it has been said by considerably more high speed somebodies that the issue exists. So, even though I'm highly unlikely to ever see that matter-at the range or in a class is as close as I would ever get without the Zombpocalypse-I gotta look like I'm "in the know" by being one of the old school guys. "Yeah, I really like the Comtac I's better. Can't believe they were ever discontinued" I stand there lookin' Tactically Delicious with a custom 1911 or lightly modified Glock 19 and high speed lookin' carbine with expensive parts on it, decked out in the latest in fashionable tactical nylon gear (from ATS, of course. Gotta pimp the company ride!).

Also, notice the sexy new Magpul trigger guard! I like that part a LOT.

Oh, yeah. I got the Comtacs for $40.


DirtCrashr said...

Awesome price! Our surplus stores don't sell surplus, they sell godawful crap - like those flimsy BDU's where the buttons all fall-off right away and you can put your hand right through the pockets, "Propper" crap.

Josh said...

So, ummm...can I have the other ones? All I have are the Peltor Tac6s, which are ok, but the Comtacs are more awesomer.

Haji said...

If I did that, I wouldn't have two. We can prolly work somethin' out, though.

Tegyrius said...

Nice steal. :) One other good reason for having a spare pair is the inevitable need to instruct new shooters... makes it so much easier when you can reserve the yelling for the times they really need it.