Sunday, August 24, 2008

Goin' Home

After stopping by the Messican food place yesterday after the range, I came to the conclusion that I have to go home to get some real grub. There's no real Messican food here, and fresh seafood is non-existent. That is a no-go at this station. I got a round trip ticket on Southwest, non-stops both ways, for $325. I thought that was pretty good. Apparently, San Diego is far enough away that $130-something is about as cheap as it gets. I've yet to find a $49 fare from here to there.

I've flown Southwest for several years, and only once had a flight delayed. Unfortunately, that one delayed flight was going to Vegas for SHOT, so I missed the opening night meet-n-greet. That was a loss, because of my Intardweb celebrity. Its not for me; its a tradgedy for those people that don't get to meet the famous Haji. There will be a next year, though, at SHOT 09 in Orlando. Yeah, Vegas is better.

I like the people here, because so few of them are from here. Its like San Diego in that respect: military towns have people from all over, so it has less of a small-town feel. In most other ways, though, this is definitely small town, and that's not how I grew up. I need to get back to the big city, and San Diego is big enough. Nashville, which is about an hour from here, is about the size of one of SD's suburbs. Its a nice city, though. I just happen to like San Diego a lot better.

As you might imagine, Mom is pretty happy to hear that I'm coming home, and so are my brother and sisters. I gotta make time for SoCal LF'ers, too, and some friends from all over SoCal. I really need about a month off, instead of 11 days. lol!


DirtCrashr said...

I can't imagine what Messican food in KY is like - sure gotta be better in San Diego! Fish tacos in KY? San Diego is IMO a proud and maybe better part of California than the Bay Aryans, also with people from all over and different backgrounds and jobs - but I've never spent much time in SoCal. I'm a NorCal guy trapped in a kind of family/financial Event-Horizon.
We got folks from "all over" too in the Bay Area - it's even cosmopolitan in the even.
But the politically powerful, they're just from Elite East Coast Universities who didn't go home after college like they should have - and they're busy making power by manipulating the immigrants from elsewhere. Like Boxer - she's from Brooklyn. Bah!!
But a lot of (or enough-of) Silicon Valley engineers, with their background firmly in Reality, still find firearms interesting on their own right and recognize that it's not just a fright issue - and their kids aren't totally warped - yet.
Have a nice homecoming.

Haji said...

Thank you! KY has Mexicans (according to my early American history teacher, they're Mestizos), but they also have this weird white cheese sauce that I don't recognize from any of the 30 or so years I spent in SoCal. It's OK; it's not Taco Bell. It's just not all that authentic, even compared to the cheap and sleazy taco shops that are used as directional landmarks for getting locals around. :) My family doesn't quite understand me not wanting to come back to Cali to live because of the political climate...but once you have an "assault rifle", ya never wanna give it up!