Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanted: another of the patented quick reviews

Went to see "Wanted" this evening with Top and JAG, since JAG is PCS-ing to Virginia and I'm unlikely to see him anytime soon. The word is: don't. Despite a couple funny lines and a nice butt shot of Angelina Jolie, the gun stuff was stupid and the movie sucks overall. If you're into guns at all, don't bother. It'll piss you off on so many levels, I can't even count 'em all.


Zaakir Abdullah said...

Amen, I want my $6.50 back. Lets see how many people get shot in the next stall at the range because some A-Hat is trying to "curve the bullet".

Haji said...

I wish it was only $6.50. I paid $8, so I feel a buck and a half worse about it than you do!