Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to fit an M&P sight set Man Style.

My home boy USMC03 posted this tutorial on how to fit an MnP sight set, and it was too epic not to share. I didn't tell him I would so I hope he doesn't murder me too much. He's a former Marine; profanity ensues.

The how-to:
Dude no worries. Fitting an iron sight in a dovetail is not a complicated process...that being said lets see here...

Yes i used a file on the underside flat to fit the sight, no i didnt use loctite.

My process is highly detailed and goes something like this...

1.)Ensure pistol is unloaded and field strip it.

2.)Place slide in magical clamping tool of precision..aka a bench mounted vice.

3.)This next part is mission essential...Pound rest of beer and throw in a half a can of copenhagen snuff.

4.)Realizing you are an Merican WECSOG alumnus and thus do not own any type of universal pistol sight adjustment tool (left it at an old job and HATE everyone there bad enough you wont call to have them mail it to you)..remove brass punch/hammer/and apex tactical plastic dealio (dont recall the name) that allows you to drift and remove sights without losing the M&P's striker block and assorted parts.

5.)remove front and rear sights with brass punch and hammer.

6.) Pour a crown and coke.

7.)Attempt to install rear sight. Bend first brass punch while doing so.

8.) curse loudly

9.) Remove files and stones from toolbox and proceed to spend 2 hours filing and test fitting sights to your slide while heading back into the house to pour more drinks and grabbing another can of dip. Assure household 6 that you will be in before midnight and that she should spend her time catching up on her chicks flick tv shows while you are out in the shop.

10.) Take the dog out to drop a duece and let her in shop.

11.) Keep drinking/fitting sights/throwing the slide across the shop in fits of RAGE and freaking the dog out. At this point realize that its 14 degrees in the shop, the dog has hypothermia and is chewing the sh*t out of everything not nailed down and go start a fire in the shop stove.

12.) Take the dog back in the cabin, pour another drink and return to trying to make round pegs fit in smaller rounded holes.

13.) Chew more copenhagen while BLARING Slayer, yell at and question the manhood of the retired Squid across the road in front of his wife when he asks you to turn the music down at midnight. \m/.

14.) FINALLY get everything installed and pert near lined up windage wise..then realize you have had 14 cocktails and decide to make finer adjustments when you hit the range in 2 days.

15.) Go back in the house at 0100 and try not to murder the dog that's eating one of your socks/shoot the TV with some gay ass teeny bopper high school show about nerds in a choir with a 1 oz grizzly defense 12 guage slug/and or blow your stack when HH6 asks how it went.

16.) 2 Days later...head out to the range with a buddy that's trying to burn up 6k rounds of factory ammo so his OCD ass can reload it to his higher accuracy and reliability standards than pretty much any factory is capable of churning out.

17.) Turn on GoPro headcam while running drills for critique later that day.

18.) Engage paper at 5/10/20 yards to check zero. GTG so move to engaging steel at 35 yards.

19.) Proceed to fire a total of 12 or so rounds and realize it is in fact the gun this time and not yourself.

20.) Look at front sight which has drifted left and consider the chain of events in your life that have led to this. Narrowly avoid trying to figure out many rounds of 9mm ball from your Glock it would take to turn this S&W into a puddle of melted goo and steel and pissing on it for spite.

21.) Sitting in Afghanistan and considering making a moto video of said sight falling off the gun with Slayer blaring "War Ensemble" dubbed over...and then watching it before going to work each morning.

That about sums it up. I aint about to start drilling hole's in my slide to mount a f*cking iron sight, the motherf*cker is going to L&M precision gunworks for an RDS on the ATOM goodness so i don't have to f*ck with it anymore.


4:1 Consulting said...

That would be 03humpalot my good man...and no worries ;)

Haji said...

Trying to maintain plausible deniability. LOL!

Sorry, brother. I screwed that up all by my lonesome.

NotClauswitz said...

ATOM is pure gunny-goodness!! I wish they did it to Sigs I would send mine.

"Doc" of RSKTKR Consulting said...

I recognized the person writing through the copious amounts of hate and copenhagen