Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Blog

Well, it turns out I missed my own e-birthday. My first post here was Oct. 15th, 2006, a momentous day that will be remembered by both my readers. Oddly, the mayor made no note of it.

I was fairly prolific back then, probably because being online was more fun than work; it wasn't part of my job description like it is now. Additionally, much has changed since then.

Most of what would have been blogged about has been shifted to other outlets, such as Facebook. If you're a celebrity in dire need of telling the world you took a dump again, there's Twitter. I don't care how popular Twitter gets, its still gay. But if you think back a little, there was a time when all there was available was Myspace. That place was called a Digital Ghetto recently, and is most certainly in its decline. Despite being owned by some currently rich kid and having a movie made about it, FB will probably go that way too as something new comes along.

I dunno how much I plan to continue to post, but I'm not going away completely for some time yet. There will be a few more late birthday announcements, I'm sure.


DirtCrashr said...

Happy Blogday! :-)

You like the M&P, I came across this thing at Derek the Packing Rat that is supposed to help feel the trigger re-set. Wonder whatcher thunk.
Twitter is still way-gay.

Haji said...

He did an excellent video there, although somebody needs to get him a gunsmith's block to make pushing the pins out easier. I've been reading up on that part, and reviews have been good. I had the reset on my MnP improved by Greg Derr of Derr Precision in MA, but I still think I want to add the Apex RAM to the gun, along with their improved geometry sear. It'll be a minute, though; that gun's already had money thrown at it!

DirtCrashr said...

Thanks for the reply! I'm happy with my old Sig and not in a financial place to buy another gun unless I sell one, just thought you'd be interested. :-)