Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weather, and a lot of it!

I've been pretty lucky this year so far. While I knew we'd be getting rain this weekend, I didn't really expect to get two + solid days of rain. The time between showers has been short, and even when we've gotten short periods where it wasn't coming down, it seemed that it didn't take long to get dumped on all over again.

Here where I live outside Fort Campbell, we've gotten lots of rain and a handful of tornado warnings, but the tornadoes stayed away. That's the power of prayer, I'm sure. However, down in TN near Nashville, there were a few that came in fast and did considerable damage. There are, IIRC, at least six dead from this storm, although coverage hasn't been good enough to tell whether it was due to flooding or tornadic activity. What I do know is that those folks have been hit HARD by water. Roadways washed away, rivers and streams overflowing their banks and having fish swimming in the roadways. It normally takes a third world country to see devastation on this level.

I've been praying a lot. I have two friends that have roof damage from the previous storms that are dealing with a ton of rain now. So far it hasn't been me. Thank you, God.

I took the trash out a little while ago, went to start up the steps, and found out that the steps are really wet and slick. Ended up bouncing foot and knee off step and plowing up quite a bit of mud while I was at it. Abrasions from the edge of the steps is not pleasant to the ankles. I don't recommend it.

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