Saturday, January 30, 2010


There is something magical about waking up and rolling out of bed at the butt crack of 10:15. That was pretty much just what I needed and now I feel energized to loaf on the couch all day long, and well into the night.

Since my street didn't get plowed, I'm planning to stay home all weekend. I have a few things to do, like put away clean clothes, clean up the Fortress, wash a small pile of dishes, make pancakes for brunch...or straight up lunch, now that I check the time(actually, I'm gonna move that to the #1 position as soon as I'm done with this), and I plan to initial and number the rest of my magazines that haven't already been. Being prepared for is a good thing, I think. I'll be bored if the power goes out, but I'm still prepared for that.

One last note about snow: we got a pretty good blanketing last night; the ground was fully covered. I went to bed a little later last night than I intended to, and before I did I took a look outside. Normally, there isn't a whole lot of ambient light in this neighborhood. I have a dim street light across the street, and there are a few more around, but for the most part we don't have a lot of light here. With the snow, it looked like the sun was coming up. The white stuff is more reflective than I think most people that don't live in it would realize. Now we've got four or five inches of reflection going on. lol! I'm gonna head out to the mailbox and grab the next Battlestar Gallactica disc, and be as snug as a bug, that's a dumb phrase.


Anonymous said...

Last night was also a "wolf" moon. The brighest of the year.

Haji said...

That explains a lot. I thought we had a full moon going, but I wasn't sure.

Anonymous said...

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Haji said...