Monday, August 03, 2009


A friend of mine had these made up for members of the LF community that have been killed in action. They include Travis Patriquin (look for a book soon on the man), Danish serviceman Christian Raaschou, and the teammate of my friend M4Guru, SSG Justin Whiting. I can't call Justin a friend, but I had met him and talked with him on several occasions. Like all of these gentlemen, he was taken too early in his life, but gave his life for a cause he believed in.

All of these, and more in the service, are better men than we deserve. I fear that we will, once again, leave the job unfinished and do the famous cut and run in the Middle East. I can't believe we're looking at doing that AGAIN. What a waste.


DirtCrashr said...

If the Left has their way we will. Cut-and-run is the wasteful, heartless game they play and the ONLY one they know - failure is their favorite option. It makes me sick, like swine they wallow in it.

"Doc" of RSKTKR Consulting said...

Good post, just checking in and browsing. How do you do it all?
aka "Doc" of RSKTKR Consulting

Haji said...

Isn't it obvious, Doc? I don't have a life. lol!

Added your blog to my blogroll. I'm looking forward to learning some stuff from that site!