Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Diagnostic target and The Great Seal.

Here's the diagnostic target I mentioned in a previous post. If I could solve all these problems in my shooting, I'd be pretty good. LOL! The Seal I made a long time ago and found it in a picture folder while looking for the target. I figured it might as well get posted somewhere. See how much more enriched the whole world is because of that? Yeah. Me neither.


Anonymous said...

The world suffered greatly before you started your musings. I just thank God that He heard my prayer and prevailed upon you to start this blog.

I have to go now...I'm getting weepy.

LOLOLOL!! (Couldn't resist. The last couple lines of your post tempted me to razz you. I love a good sense of humor)

Haji said...

In the end, most of my musings aren't really mine. The information comes from people who know a lot more than I do, I just pass it along.

I guess I should update my blog more often. I'm apparently on a mission from God!

Anonymous said...

You've been slippin', Mister. God doesn't like a slacker.

Thanks for the Diagnostic Target. I printed it out. It's interesting that you can do something while shooting and not realize it.

Haji said...

He likes me, though. He keeps proving it.

Anonymous said...

Of course He does. Many blessings to you, Sir.