Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Robot Chicken: What took so long to notice that?

Like a few hundred other people, I've been watching Robot Chicken for quite a while now...or at least as much as a couple season's worth can equal a while. I can't believe it didn't dawn on me earlier, but I had a revelation. I had that revelation a while ago, but I have to sorta present tensify it to make it a bloggable conflagration, both for the sake of the revelation and for the sake of creating a few new words.

The end credits music for Robot Chicken is a chicken bawk version of the same tune that the Dead movies (Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Road Trip of the Dead, Weekend in Bora Bora of the Dead, and like that) used. Turns out it's called "The Gonk", and was originally penned by Herbert Chappell. See? You learned something today.


Fire said...

So that's who did it?? That has been driving me nuts trying to figure out who wrote it! I think I might actually be able to sleep tonight. ;)

Glad to see you're okay. Your other reader, I think, was worried too. (Love to razz)

Haji said...

Yeah, I know! It always seemed so familiar, and I knew it had to have some kind of significance, or they wouldn't have used it. I dunno why it took so long to figure it out, though.

I try to look out for my extensive fan base. :)