Sunday, April 12, 2009

At least I classified.

I went out to Rattlesnake Ridge yesterday with Paul J. and Matt E. to shoot an IDPA Classifier. Matt had already classified with both his Glock and Wilson CQB, whereas Paul and I hadn't. I didn't have any extra .45, so I used my MnP 9mm. We had about ten shooters, and oddly enough, most hadn't heard of the MnP. When chatting with other shooters after I shot and basically waiting around and hanging out, when they asked "What do you shoot?" I answered "MnP 9", and got a quizzical look in return. I typically had to expound "Smith n Wesson MnP 9mm", which got an affirmative response. Maybe I wasn't doing it right.

Paul, as usual, shot like he was using a laser instead of a pistol. He dropped six points on the third stage, where the typical shooter will drop somewhere between 20 and 30. He was shooting deliberately to be accurate, so the only thing that's standing between him and classifying "Expert" is speed. He's pretty phenomenal. Matt improved his time and ended up in sharpshooter again, even though he wasn't happy with his shooting overall. Last match, he placed 3rd, even ahead of some of the best shooters we know.

In discussing it, we decided that we will be working on some of the harder aspects of the Classifier, and tuning up those skills. The Classifier isn't the hardest course of fire ever, but the strings are long-20 or 30 rounds per section of each stage, something like that-and the skills that it tests can't be hidden. You can either do a fast failure drill, or not. You can shoot well one handed, or you can't. It really does an excellent job of showing you where you need to improve. My accuracy was adequate, but there are places I can improve my speed, and I botched my tactical (administrative or reload with retention) reload by not having my plan set ahead of time. I thought I had a plan, but I guess I tried to change it in the middle, and added time. The other areas were probably drawing from concealment and getting that first good shot off faster.

I brought my camera, but totally forgot I had it with me and didn't get any photos. Rats. I also picked up a good sunburn on my face and neck. Since we've been so bundled up all winter long, I kinda forgot how that whole sun thing works again. Oops. At least I looked cool in my Oakley M Frames and Peltor Comtacs. lol!

Now, you've read all this, and now you're wondering: hey Haj, where did you classify? Well, I did indeed classify. I'm smack dab in the middle of the Marksman class. I don't have my score handy, it hasn't been posted yet. On the plus side, at least I didn't just barely make it, but I've got a ways to go to get into the next class, too. Got some practicing to do!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mister! Good job!

Haji said...

Thank you! I'm fairly pleased overall, but I'm not satisfied. I never am, regardless of how well I shoot. The flip side is that when I do really poorly, I just chalk it up to "Oh, well. I know I suck anyway." lol!

Anonymous said...

Well, the positive thing here is that when you have an "off" day at shooting, you're capable of handling it. Your flip side would have helped me when I had an off day on the court. When I have an off day, I say, "WTH? YOU COULD BUILD A MANSION WITH THE BRICKS! SHEEESH!" I just really can't see myself saying I suck at basketball, though. Nope. Can't see it!

Remember, you qualified. The next match is going to be AWESOME for you! Seriously, could it go any other way? See how easy it is to stay positive? I'm positive! Yepper! I'm positive that if I can screw anything up, I will! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Haji, just where is this IDPA club at near Ft. Campbell.

I am cross referencing the club listings for Kentucky vs. google maps and I can't find anything close IDPA-wise to Ft. Campbell.

Do you have a link to your IDPA club/range?


Haji said...

I linked it in the first sentence of the post. It's at