Sunday, October 29, 2006

I can't believe it.

Thuh Raidahs won again? What is the world coming to? They have a winning streak now. That sucks. At least some good came from sports this week:
  • The near-interminable torture that is baseball season has ended. Too bad they're gonna do it again next year.
  • The Bears destroyed the Niners. Apparently the bye week came at a good time for them.
  • The Chargers whipped the Rams pretty good, although they made it an entertaining game. Still no definitive word on what's gonna happen with Shawne Merriman. Seems to be a given that he'll be out four games.
  • Basketball season starts on Tuesday. That can't get here soon enough. My Lakers won't take the title this year, but they should be competitive.
  • Jimmy Johnson is within striking distance of the Nextel Cup with three races to go. Jeff Gordon is probably out of it, being a little over 140 points back, but he's in sixth or seventh place. That means most everybody above him still has a legit shot at it. That's pretty interesting racing.
Not a total loss...although that's what I wish the Raiduhs would have done this year.

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